Admissions/lessons/school terms







Admissions to the school take place on the day of enrolment but pupils are also accepted intermediately.

Last year a yearly fee of 90 was charged to cover the expenses of the school. If necessary, the fee can be paid in two instalments of 45.

Pupils attending preschool do not have to pay.


School Year 2002-2003

Enrolment for the School Year 2002-2003 will take place at

Holland Park Secondary School, Airlie Gardens, London, W8 7AN
on Saturday the 14
th of September 2000 at 9.30-13.00.


School terms

The school year consists of three terms:

  • 1st Term: From September to Christmas Break
  • 2nd Term: From January to Easter Break
  • 3rd Term: until the end of June
  • A school report is given at the end of each term



The school includes a reception class, all classes of Primary school, GCSE and A-level and Adult classes.

The Greek language as well as subjects such as Religious Education, and the History and Geography of Greece and Cyprus is taught in all classes of the Primary school.

GCSE and A level classes follow the syllabus of the University of London (Edexcel) for Modern Greek.

The Greek Language is taught in our Adult classes. These classes operate every Thursday from 5 to 7 pm

Every Wednesday there is a Support Class fro A level students from 5 to 7 pm







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